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Taking a chance you have your computer up and running again.  Hope so.
Just thought I’d drop in to mention something that is totally fascinating.  Have you, by any chance, ever heard of Kat Kerr, or read any of her books or gone to her web site online?  I never have up until January when the Pastor at out church began announcing she was coming to our church for a seminar this weekend.  Absolutely fasciniating.  I don’t know if you know who she is or not, if you do then, you probably already know some of this stuff.
She is one of those people God takes to heaven quite often.  I’m telling you, she has revelation knowledge most of us don’t have.  She’s been there, so, she’s getting it straight from the Throne, literally!
She talked about the creatures around God’s throne.  She said some of them are really weird looking, but they are God’s, He created them, and they are His ministers.  She said not all angels have human form, either.  Some of them are strange looking, too.  Anyway, she definitely has the gift of gab but boy, does she have a LOT to say and it’s ALL worth hearing!!!
She described one really weird looking creature up there that is nothing but one, big, huge eyeball, with wings.  Yep.  And she even said she saw one that was all purple in color.  (It’s one of those seminars where you had to be there to get the full gist of it.  Really, really fascinating).  She said, “You ever wonder about the scripture that says, “The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro about the earth…….?  Well, there ya go”.  There are literal “eyes” that are sent about the earth, looking to and fro, and they take reports back to the Lord of what they see happening on earth.  It actually makes the scripture understandable and easy to “see”…….(ha, ha, ha…..I just thought of that.  Grrrrriiiiiin).  After the first meeting Friday night, she had people standing around her asking questions, so, I made my way over and joined them.  I wanted to hear anything she had to say.  I got to say to her, “I always thought the Lord Himself sat on His Throne looking to and fro about the earth……”  She said, “He does do that to, but He also has these ministering spirits work for Him”.  She emphasized quite often how many of the ministering spirits in heaven are very strange looking creatures, but they are God’s creatures.  HE created them.
There are also, and again, now that I am away from the conference and thinking back, I can’t remember if these creatures were just “wings” in and of themselves, or if they were attached to some creature, but these wings have eyes all over them, front and back.  There are other creatures that have eyes all around the circumference of their head, and others with eyes all over, front and back, everywhere.  Now it makes sense, doesn’t it, that the Lord “looks to and fro about the earth.”  Nothing on earth gets beyond the sight of the Lord, but I have a feeling you already know that.  It’s just so intensely fascinating.
I read Ps. 91 today and in verse 4 it talks about being hidden under His pinions and wings, and I wondered if those were the wings it was talking about.  Also, angels have wings, and I’ve heard people give testimony of how they actually have felt angles wings embrace them.  I was always told those scriptures were “figurative” and was just a way to describe the comfort and protection of God for us, because God Himself does not actually have “wings,”  but, it is, in fact, literal.  He really does have wings for us to be hidden under.  Is that just so cool, or what?
Carolyn, I’m sharing this with you because I thought you may be interested, plus, I just HAVE to tell SOMEbody!!!  She had 5 meetings, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I went to all 5.  You really don’t get what impact it has on you until after you leave.  Ever noticed that when you go to conferences?  It “sticks” to you for awhile afterwards.  Wow.  She said so much, it’s just now pouring out of me.  She had books, cd’s and such, as they all do, but, I just am not in a position right now to have purchased any.  I’d buy everything she has if I could.
She gave us revelation knowledge about stuff God will be doing on the earth in the near future and that we will be part of it, and she said, “I’m telling you now so you will know what is happening when you do it, so you won’t get freaked out.”  Ya know, just like Jesus told His disciple what would happen to Him before it happened so when it happened, they would have understanding as to what was happening, it didn’t really take them by surprise.  She talked about the dimensions we will be walking in on this earth.  It’s beyond what we ever thought.  She also emphasized how important it is to SPEND TIME WITH HIM AND HIS WORD.  That is a given.  Tonight, everbody in the sanctuary went up, row by row, and as we held our hands out, palms up, (she slapped them, nicely, not hard or uncomfortable, it was good), and said, with authority, “I IMPART the lightning power of God into you!!!”  It’s an anointing God gave her to burn out all the stuff in us that is in there that was NOT put there by God.
She talked briefly about the demonic realm.  One thing that stood out to me was her revelation of what the “outer darkness” is.  We’ve all read it, and, if you’re like me, ya read it, but didn’t give it much thought.  Kind of an “etherial” thought, or abstract thought of, “Well, it must mean some place that’s out there somewhere,” but never gave much thought as to where or what it was for.  Kind of a “back-of-your-mind” thought, right?  Well, on one of her trips, oh yeh, God has taken her to hell, too, but she doesn’t dwell on that.  She talks way more about heaven than hell, but on this trip, God showed her a dark tunnel like thing that goes from hell to the second heaven where Satan has his throne, where he lives and reigns.  That’s what the demons and evil spirits use to travel from hell to the second heaven.  That’s what the outer darkness is.  Is that like, totally amazing???  Makes sense, though, doesn’t it?
She says the devil has actual, literal kingdoms, with buildings and palaces, in the spirit realm, ALL around us!  There are palaces and all types of buildings and such.  They are in certain regions and places.  She said the scripture where the devil took Jesus up to the Pinnacle during the Lord’s 40 day trip to the desert, and showed Him his kingdom, that was literal, not just a thing the devil made up to try to tempt him.  It is a real, literal kingdom, built right here on earth, that we can’t see, unless the Lord opens our spiritual eyes to see it.  However, there are literal heavenly kingdom’s on earth as well.  What a mind blower!  Gadz, now I REALLY have to get her materials so I can fill in more details, cuz it’s hard to remember EXACTLY everything she said and the way she said it..
Ya know, in Psalms 103, I always wondered what it meant, (Amplified Bible) in verse 21 where it says, “Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord, all you His hosts, you His ministers who do His pleasure”
because the verse before it says for the angels to bless the Lord.  That, I knew, but I always wondered what the other “ministers” were.  In fact, I even wrote a note in the margin at the top of the page about that scripture that reads, “Thurs., 3-24-2011.  “People” ministers, or some other heavenly beings besides angels we don’t know about?”  Ain’t that a kick in the head?  Now I know.
I just noticed the 22nd verse, too.  “Bless the Lord, all His works in all places of His dominion;”  I remember wondering what that meant, too, when I read it.  I wondered how “works” could bless the Lord.  Wonder if it means the heavenly “kingdoms” in the spiritual realm on the earth.  Whew.  It’s a lot to think about.
She said she knows exactly where her dad is in heaven, cuz she’s been there.  He was a farmer, or rancher (?), on earth, and they had lots and lots of pets as well as animals.  She says your pets are in heaven because you loved them on earth.  They had lots of pets, even an ALLIGATOR, and that alligator is in heaven, along with all the other pets and animals they had, and her dad has a huge ranch in heaven where he’s taking care of all of them.  She says even if you don’t have any family members in heaven, you will never be alone, because they are all waiting and excited to see you when you come.  They are even preparing gifts and putting them, gift wrapped, in your mansion so when you come, you will have all these wonderful gifts to open.  There is SOOOO much more to say, but, no space and time to write it all.
She talked about the Throne Room, and by the way, in case you didn’t know (cuz I don’t know what you know or don’t know, so, I’m just sayin’…) the Throne is not against a wall with Jesus next to Him on a separate Throne, like most of us imagine, it is in the center, and Jesus sits on the same Throne as God.  It’s BIIIIIIGG!  I happen to read the Amplified most the time and Revelation 4 explains the Throne being in the center.  I read it and thought, “Hey, I never saw that before!!!”  It’s so when His kids come to visit, they can run all around it and play, worship, dance, etc.  (She didn’t say that about the “kids” running around the throne, that came from someone else’s testimony who went to heaven.  By the way, she said God is preparing to allow a whole lot more people take trips to heaven.  Could be you and me!)
She talked about the 24 elders and that they are created beings, not humans, not the disciples or apostles or anyone like that.
She talked about the lightning flashes and the creatures around the Throne with the heads of a lion, eagle, and so forth.  She said the lion’s head is HUGE!!!  I think I remembe her saying something like it being 5 stories high.  Anyway, these creatures are humongous.
She explained the three-in-one.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit step INSIDE GOD.  HE is ETERNAL, so there’s LOTS OF ROOM!  When you step inside God, there is no time or space.  It’s forever.  Is that just so AWESOME!!!!!!
She said people in heaven can see us.  Not every little detail, and they are not concerned about any sin we may commit because they don’t think the same way we do here.  She said some people expressed concern to her like, “You mean they can see us in the shower?”  (Isn’t that funny?)  She said the folks in heaven don’t even care about that kind of stuff. They don’t even think about it.  They see the important things that happen, like, the birth of babies, celebrations, accomplishments like, graduating from college, and especially when someone gets born again.  They rejoice, but, we already knew that.  Well, actually, I thought only the angels rejoiced, I don’t think I ever realized the people in heaven rejoiced, too.
She showed a picture she drew of the portal in heaven where the people go to look down to earth.  It is also humongously huge, and round.  There’s a wall around it and I think she said there are steps they have to climb up to be able to look over the wall and down onto the earth.
She explained the lukewarm people, the hot and the cold.  She said the “hot” people are those who love the Lord, serve Him, and USE their gifts and talents He has given them.  Yes, she actually SAW Whitney Huston in the Throne Room receiving her gifts from the Lord for using her talent on earth.  Whitney did accept the Lord at one time, and the last song she sang either the day before, or the day of, her death was “Jesus Loves Me.”  Oh yeh, she also saw, yes, ELVIS, and even John Wayne.  Ain’t that a blast?  I didn’t hear her say when she saw Whitney, but obviously, she’s been to heaven recently.  Back to the lukewarm and cold.  She said the cold people are the unsaved who are on earth, using the gifts and talents God has given them, even though they don’t know Him and may be using them for the wrong reasons, thing is, when they get saved, they’ll be HOT because they are already using the gifts God gave them.  The lukewarm are the ones who have gifts and talents but don’t care whether they use them or not.  God will spew them out of His mouth, but if they are chistians they will go to heaven anyway.  (I’d like to hear more on that cuz I’m thinkin’, if God spews you out, you’re OUT).  I think she means when God spews someone out, He won’t, well, He can’t use them because they ARE lukewarm on earth and they won’t budge to allow God to use them, so, He spits them out.  They never live up to their full potential on earth and the Lord does not flow through them or use them on earth, but they still go to heaven.  (Hmmmmm, that’s one I have to think about).
She said God is preparing us to move…………..ohhhh, I just thought of something ………….to move in power like we’ve neve known before because there will be millions and millions of people, muslims, everyone from every walk of life, coming into the Kingdom, and WE have to know how to minister to them and how to mentor them.  She said the Lord showed her a vision of the type authority we will be walking in.  I know I’ve heard some testimonies of people who have spoken to tornadors in full force and they have dissipated.  We DO have authority over the weather, however, the Lord said, “I will have MANIFESTED sons,” meaning, the power will be complete in that, when an earthquake happens, we will stand in authority and command the earthquake to STOP, put the EARTH back together the way it was, and even the BUILDINGS to be put back together.   WOW, oh WOW!!!  THAT’S one I’ve never heard about before!  (You?) Not only earthquakes, but the damage tornadors do, floods, hurricanes, and so on.  YEEEEEHAWWWW!  (This is the thing “I just thought of” as stated above.)
She said America is not finished.  She said the Lord said HE will have the White House.  God will be moving those out who do not listen to Him.  She said she didn’t know if “moving them out,” meant just that, or, even taking them off the earth.  She said, “Hey, He’s done it before.”  The Lord is SERIOUS about sin and what is going on.  She basically said, in so many words, out country will not go under because there have been TO MANY intercessors who have been praying and interceding for our country for YEARS, and for ISRAEL, and neither one is going down!  God has heard those prayers.  God will NEVER, EVER allow Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth, but I think we’ve always known that.  God always protects Israel supernaturally, no matter what she goes through.  She cannot be moved.  She said if our country does not make a turn to become true allies with Israel, He WILL begin moving certain people out, and bringing in those who WILL be allies with Israel.  The LORD is taking over the White House.
You may already know a lot of this stuff, but, it’s fun to know, and very interesting, but, she didn’t come just to be fun or interesting.  God is pouring Himself out in these days like He never has before and she goes about helping establish the work God is doing now.  Her purpose is to get us up off our duffs (well, she can’t do that, but the Spirit working through her, imparting that revelation knowledge and power to people) to get prepared for the mighty, powerful stuff God wants His people to DO, IF we will learn who we are in Him and take that stand.  HE WILL teach us how to function and operate in the power He is pouring out these days, which, by the way, operates through LOVE.
Wheweeee.  I’m typing as things come to me so, I hope it makes sense.
Well, I feel like there was ONE more thing I wanted to mention, but I can’t think of it right now.  My brain is overloaded.  There was a LOT to take in.  Besides, I don’t think anyone can really concentrate 100% of the time and take in every little thing that is said when you’re in a conference like this and have to sit for hours at a time, but whoa dogggies, what an anointing!!!
I hope you enjoyed this.  I just HAD to unload and I thought it would be something that would be of interest to you.
Hope your computer is up and running.  Let me know what’s up, k’?

See you in heavenly places.  Oh, by the way.  She said something about THAT, too.  She said our soul has layers to it and that a layer of our soul is literally up there now, seated next to God.  That is not a totally new idea for me because a few years ago, I was in association with a ministry that taught our entire soul was literally removed from our bodies and seated in heavely places with Christ Jesus when we prayed to receive the Holy Spirit.  They said the Holy Spirit comes to live in the place where our soul was.  I thought they were totally nuts so, I separated myself from that ministry.  (If the Holy Spirit totally takes over the place where our soul was, we wouldn’t have to die to the flesh or anything.  We’d be instantly perfect.  We wouldn’t have a mind, will, or emotions, cuz we’d be totally controlled by the Holy Spirit.  )  This layer thing is one I would have to give more thought and attention to.  I don’t know what scripture she has to back this one up.  I suppose the Lord showed her something about that on one of her trips, but she didn’t go into a lot of detail about this, so, I’m kind of at a loss on this one.  I always figured it was more of a figurative thing, that we are seated with Him in Spirit, that we are one in Him, and can do what Jesus did on earth, and even more than what He did because the Word says that, but I have never thought of it as a literal thing where a layer of our soul was literally up there.  Ummmmmm, I don’t know about this one.