Psalm 89:1

I’ve had this refrigerator magnet over 8 years. I received it from from church – Woodbine Assembly of God as a gift – thank you Pastor Louis Whitford III It has remained on my refrigerators ever since. When I replaced the fridge it went up on my new one.  When I moved far away, it went up on the fridge there too. I see it every morning as I get ready for the day and serves as a reminder…

Jesus Reigns

Does Grace Alone Save?

The Christian stands in grace (1 Pet. 5: 12), grow in (2 Pet. 3: 18), and is to be strong in grace (2 Tim. 2: 1). Grace (charis) is God’s favor. We are called by grace (Gal. 1: 15), justified by grace (Tit. 3: 7), and we are established by grace (Heb. 13: 9). The Bible also says we are saved by grace (Eph. 2: 5, 8). However, are we saved by grace alone?

If saved by grace alone, all would be saved. Beloved, Paul said God’s grace “brings salvation”, but he also affirmed God’s grace “hath appeared to all men” (Tit. 2: 11). God has certainly done his job in universally extending grace. If it were just a matter of salvation by grace alone, all would be saved. However, not all are saved (Matt. 7: 13-14). Hence, there is more involved than grace alone! Continue reading