Zion Founded On The Mountain Lyrics

Zion, founded on the mountains,
[tag]God[/tag], thy Maker, loves thee well;
He has chosen thee, most [tag]precious[/tag],
He delights in thee to dwell;
God’s own city, God’s own city,
God’s own city, who can all thy [tag]glory[/tag] tell?

Heathen lands and hostile peoples
Soon shall come the Lord to know;
Nations born again in Zion
Shall the Lord’s salvation show;
God Almighty, God Almighty,
God Almighty, shall on Zion strength bestow.

When the [tag]Lord[/tag] shall count the nations,
Sons and daughters He shall see,
Born to endless life in Zion,
And their joyful song shall be:
‘Blessed [tag]Zion[/tag], blessed Zion,
Blessed Zion, all our fountains are in thee.