Honor thy Mother and Father


In this day and age more and more individuals of all ages seem to be dishonoring their parents. Children at any age may say that their parents do not behave honorably for them to honor them.

What many of these folks don’t stop to think about is that does not change the fact that we are commanded to honor our parents with a promise (Eph 6:2, Ex. 20:20). When a parent treats you badly, or has left your adulthood filled with sad, or even horrific memories of how they mistreated you. One may want to keep in view that you are not responsible for how your parents treat or treated you, but you are responsible for how you treat them, and even think or speak of them. You are accountable for the things you say (Mat 12:36 But I say to you that every idle word, whatever men may speak,  they shall give account of it in the day of judgment. )

How about you, when you speak, or speak of your parents do you do it with kinds words to them or about them? Or do you speak harshly to them, or uncovering a sin of theirs that hurt you because you are angry about it?  Do you not know that you too are a sinner that wants God to forgive you?How do you expect God to forgive you of your sins when you are still, even as an adult speaking terrible things of your parents, doesn’t matter if it is true or not? You have sinned, do you want a family member to go on complaining of you even after you have passed on. What would they benefit of this, just as you are not benefiting from it but to try to make yourself look better, when in fact, you make yourself look worse. Maybe your parent has passed on now, but never asked you to forgive them. How do you know that in their heart, before God that they did not ask for this forgiveness? Only God knows the heart of man.

How about when you think about your parents; are they kind thoughts of them or are you thinking of what they did wrong, or wrong to you, leaving you to dwell on it till you own dying day? Would you want God to think that way of you every time you came to His mind, or would you like the peace of knowing you are forgiven and to just move on, all is well. There is not one, no not one sin that your parent has committed that is greater than your own, yes even the ones you think of as small. Keep in mind (Pro 14:12There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end of it is the ways of death.)