Jesus before Herod Antipas the Tetrarch

Luk 23:6-12
6 But at these words Pilate said, Is the man a Galilaean?
7 And when he saw that he was under the authority of Herod, he sent him to Herod, who was in Jerusalem himself at that time.
8 Now when Herod saw Jesus he was very glad, having for a long time had a desire to see him, for he had had accounts of him, and was hoping to see some wonders done by him.
9 And he put a great number of questions to him, but he said nothing.
10 And the chief priests and the scribes were there, making statements against him violently.
11 And Herod, with the men of his army, put shame on him and made sport of him, and dressing him in shining robes, he sent him back to Pilate.
12 And that day Herod and Pilate became friends with one another, for before they had been against one another.