Gathering (scripture)

28 verses found

Scripture taken from the Holy Bible (mkjv)

(Gen 1:10)  And God called the dry land, Earth. And He called the gathering together of the waters, Seas. And God saw that it was good.

(Gen 29:7)  And he said, Lo, the day is yet high. It is not yet time for gathering the cattle together. Water the sheep, and go feed them.

(Exo 12:16)  And on the first day shall be a holy gathering, and in the seventh day there shall be a holy gathering for you. No manner of work shall be done in them, except that which every man must eat, that only may be done by you.

(Num 15:32)  And while the sons of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the sabbath day.

(Num 15:33)  And those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation.

(Jos 6:9)  And the armed men went before the priests who blew with the ram’s horns. And the gathering army came after the ark, as the priests were going on and blowing with the ram’s horns.

(1Ki 17:10)  And he arose and went to Zarephath, and came in to the entrance of the city, and, behold, the widow was gathering sticks. And he called to her and said, Please, bring me a little water in a vessel so that I may drink.

(1Ki 17:12)  And she said, As Jehovah your God lives, I do not have a cake, but only a handful of meal in a pitcher and a little oil in a jar. And behold, I am gathering two sticks, so that I may go in and dress it for me and my son, so that we may eat it and die.

(2Ch 20:25)  And Jehoshaphat and his people came to take their plunder, they found among them in abundance both riches and precious jewels in great number with the dead bodies, which they stripped off for themselves, more than they could carry away. And they were three days in gathering of the plunder, it was so much.

(2Ch 30:23)  And the whole gathering agreed to keep another seven days. And they kept another seven days with gladness.

(Neh 5:7)  And my heart within myself ruled, and I rebuked the nobles and the rulers, and said to them, You exact interest, each one from his brother. And I held a great gathering against them.

(Psa 107:32)  And let them exalt Him in the congregation of the people, and praise Him in the gathering of the elders.

(Pro 1:21)  she cries in the chief place of gathering, in the openings of the gates; in the city she utters her words, saying,

(Isa 32:10)  Many days and years you shall be troubled, careless women; for the vintage shall fail, the gathering shall not come.

(Isa 57:13)  When you cry, let your gathering deliver you; but the wind shall carry them all away. Vanity shall take them; but he who puts his trust in Me shall possess the land, and shall inherit My holy mountain.

(Lam 1:15)  Jehovah has trampled all my mighty ones in my midst; He has called a gathering against me to crush my young men. Jehovah has trod the virgin daughter of Judah, as in a winepress.

(Joe 1:14)  Set apart a fast; call a solemn gathering; gather the elders and all the people of the land into the house of Jehovah your God, and cry to the Lord,

(Joe 2:15)  Blow a trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn gathering.

(Nah 3:18)  Your shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria. Your nobles are at rest; your people are scattered upon the mountains, and no one is gathering.

(Hab 1:9)  All of him shall come for violence; the gathering of their faces is forward; and they gather captives like the sand.

(Mat 25:24)  And he who had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew that you were a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter.

(Act 14:27)  And having arrived, and gathering the church they related all that God had done with them, and how He had opened the door of faith to the nations.

(Act 15:30)  Then indeed they being let go, they came to Antioch. And gathering the multitude, they delivered the letter.

(Act 16:10)  And after he saw the vision, we immediately tried to go into Macedonia, gathering that the Lord had called us in order to preach the gospel to them.

(Act 17:5)  But the disobeying Jews becoming jealous, and having taken aside some wicked men of the market-loafers, and gathering a crowd, they set all the city in an uproar. And coming on the house of Jason, they sought to bring them out to the mob.

(Act 24:12)  And they neither found me in the temple disputing with any man, nor making a gathering of a crowd; not even in the synagogues, nor throughout the city.

(2Co 8:15)  as it is written, “He gathering much, he had nothing left over; and he gathering little did not have less.”

(2Th 2:1)  Now we beseech you, my brothers, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him,